“It is the mark of an educated mind to be able to entertain a thought without accepting it."

- Aristotle (384 BC - 322 BC)

Mrs. Mindy DeSantis

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Principal/Superintendent’s Message Welcome to Millville Elementary School! As Principal and Superintendent of the Millville Elementary School District, I would like to share my passion and enthusiasm for this wonderful school. Millville Elementary School endeavors to provide a quality education for each child in an attentive and encouraging environment.

I have experienced Millville Elementary School from many perspectives: as a parent, teacher, principal, and as Superintendent/Principal. I first came to Millville in 1992 when my oldest child was in Kindergarten. Since then each of my five children has attended and graduated from Millville School. Since then four of my children have graduated from college and my youngest is still in school planning a career in eduction.

As a parent, I became deeply involved at Millville by volunteering in my children’s classrooms. After several years of volunteering, I became Millville’s parent group president (PTK: Parents and Teachers for Kids) and held the post of PTK president for seven years.

Having earned my teaching credential years earlier, I was fortunate to begin my professional relationship at Millville by working as the GATE teacher in 1996. I maintained the position of GATE teacher for nine years. In addition to teaching the GATE program, I was also grant coordinator for several grants, which I had written for Millville including the Visual and Performing Arts grant and the Cesar Chavez Day of Service and Learning grant, both, of which, are still being implemented at Millville.

While I loved teaching, I felt a pull to expand my experiences in education. In 2002, I returned to school to get my Administrative Credential and my Masters Degree in Education. As I completed my Administrative Credential in the summer of 2003, an opportunity in administration arose at the only school at which I wanted to work, Millville Elementary School. I became principal in 2003 and continued in that role for three years. I then moved into the Principal/Superintendent role and am currently in my 12th year as such.

I consider Millville Elementary School to be the finest school in Shasta County. At Millville, we see the educational process as a joint responsibility of school, home, and community. Parents and staff form a strong partnership to afford the best possible education for our students. We value the assistance families provide in ensuring our school continues to maintain the highest possible standard for every student. Millville Elementary School seeks to involve parents in their children’s educational program through communication, information and opportunities.

Millville Elementary School provides its students with a supportive and secure place to learn where every child feels genuinely unique and successful, both academically and as an individual. We see each child an essential contributor to our school, to our community, and, ultimately, to our world.

In my 26 year association with Millville Elementary School, I have seen Millville take its place among the top schools in the county. Millville has demonstrated perceptiveness and acuity in its understanding of the needs of the community and its students. This perception is demonstrated through the implementation of innovative programs such as Gifted and Talented Education, Developmental Assets, and Visual and Performing Arts, all the while maintaining high academic standards within the regular curriculum. It is this philosophy of seeking and implementing novel programs that complement our established curriculum, while maintaining high standards and expectations for all our students that make Millville Elementary School the exceptional school that it is, and one with which I am extremely proud to be associated.

Mindy DeSantis, Principal/Superintendent Millville Elementary School