5th Grade Teacher

Samantha Bautista

I was born in Salinas, California. I spent my early childhood living just down the street from mission San Jaun Bautista. When I wasn’t spending my days running through the courtyards of the mission, I was on excursions to the Monterey Bay Aquarium. To this day those are still my favorite places on earth. When I was twelve I moved to Artois to live with my grandparents. After graduating from high school, I enrolled at Butte College as a musical theatre major. Though performing is one of my greatest joys, I discovered that is wasn’t the career for me. By this point I had been working in outdoor education for two years and had developed a fondness for teaching. So, I put aside performing and school to work in outdoor education full time. It was there in the woods surrounded by captivated children that I found my true calling. My next big move was to go back to college. I enrolled at Shasta College and shortly after got a job at Millville Elementary school as an aide. I finished my education at Chico State with a short interlude at Brighton University in England. After graduating I was a substitute teacher for a year before getting my first teaching job at Rocky Point Charter School. I worked there for three years, teaching 5th and 6th grade, before deciding is was time to come home to Millville. So here I am, in my second year. I currently teach the 3/4 combo, and I am ever so happy to be here.