Millville Elementary School

Updates from Millville School

Happy Thanksgiving!

Millville School will be closed for Thanksgiving Break from

Monday, November 23 through Friday, November 27.

School will resume on Monday, November 30.

Have a wonderful week!

Stay safe so we can stay open!

“Give Thanks With a Grateful Heart.”


Outdoor Mask Mandate Update: as of today, there is no new information on the outdoor mask mandate.

Face Coverings

There is new guidance from the California Department of Public Health regarding face coverings that is linked here:

This new CDPH guidance was released Monday, November 16 as mandates. As of late afternoon Tuesday, November 17, we are waiting for further direction from Shasta County Public Health as there is a chance that some of the mandates may be modified, such as the one requiring students to wear face coverings during outdoor recess. Many at a meeting today with public health are pushing against this outdoor mask mandate. There are two additional meetings this week that may alter the direction of CDPH’s guidance. We will keep you updated as soon as we have further information. Until we get clarification on the new guidelines, we will not require students to wear face coverings during outdoor recess.

First Thanksgiving, Friday, November 20

Traditionally, the last Friday before Thanksgiving break is our Living History Day. This year we are changing things up a bit for obvious reasons. We are going to host a First Thanksgiving on Friday, November 20. Students are encouraged to dress as they did during the First Thanksgiving, or as a type of food that was present at the First Thanksgiving. Activities that reflect the First Thanksgiving era will take place in the classrooms. We will serve our traditional Thanksgiving Feast for our staff and students.

Millville School Update, November 13

Covid 19

Please read the linked notification regarding the first case of Covid-19 at Millville School.

We ask our families to be diligent about wearing face coverings, distancing, frequent hand washing and to avoid getting together with friends or going out socially so we can stay in school and kids can keep learning.

We are already hearing that schools are closing due to the uptick in community cases. We would like to keep our first case of Covid also our last but we cannot keep this virus contained if guidelines are not being followed away from school. For the sake of our community, our students, our staff and your family: wear a mask, keep a distance and stay home as much as possible.

Million Word Club

Millville School is promoting the love of reading with the Million Word Club. Students are encouraged to meet the progressive goals toward the million word goal. Our first goal was 250,000 words and the deadline was the end of last month. Those students who met or exceeded that goal are:

3rd grade: William Hastings

4th grade: Bailey Hickey & Tessa Hawkins

5th grade: Keelin Fulkerth & Jenny Struble

6th grade: Chloe Caddell, Aliciana Ciraulo and Colton Ham

7th grade: Violet DeAngelo, Emma Hawkins, Olivia Kacalek & Meredith Watt

8th grade: Elizabeth Moerckli & Natalie Molz

Typically we would have a read-in afternoon with those who met the goal; as we are unable to hold an afternoon of reading, we have invited the above students to select a book from the Scholastic list. The directions for selecting a book were sent to each student through his/her school email. Parents, if you’d like to help your child select a book, here is the link:

Once a book is selected, kindly email me the title and author of the book and we will get it ordered..

Our next Million Word Club goal is 500,000 words read by January 8.

Spirit Day Friday

We will celebrate Millville spirit every Friday by wearing Millville Blue and Gold. Any close variation of royal blue or gold works, including yellow. Each student who is in obvious blue and gold (that means when the judges look at a student they firstly see blue and gold/yellow) will earn a point for their class toward the 100 point goal. The first class to reach 100 points will receive a root beer float or hot chocolate party; so the more students in blue and gold the more points a class earns. Once a class reaches 100 points we will start all over again.

Dress Code

As the weather changes and cold weather is upon us, please remember that leggings are not to be worn as pants at any grade. Leggings can be worn with a shirt, tunic, skirt, shorts or dress that is no shorter than 4” above the knee. This applies to all students, all grades, boys and girls. Students who are wearing leggings as pants will be given shorts to wear over their leggings. The complete dress code can be found on our website.

Help for Dry Hands During the COVID-19 Pandemic

Handwashing is critical to the effort to stop the spread of COVID-19. However, the increased frequency of washing our hands can leave skin dry, cracked, peeling ,and even painful! This can actually make skin more susceptible to germs and other bacteria.

Here you will find simple tips and tricks to keep your hands up for the challenge of constant handwashing:

Water temperature and moisturizing

Use lukewarm water to wash your hands, not hot water. Moisturize as soon as possible when you’re done washing your hands. Even better, apply moisturizer while your skin is still damp to help lock in the moisture.

When it comes to moisturizers, the greasier the better. Vaseline is the gold standard but does not always agree with day-to-day activities. Fragrance-free and dye-free products are going to be less irritating. Using moisturizer after washing your hands does not negate your handwashing efforts.

Moisturize, Moisturize, Moisturize!

Whenever the skin gets wet, such as with handwashing, moisture from inside the skin is lost as the skin air-dries. To prevent this extra moisture loss, wash your hands according to CDC guidelines (wet your hands, lather, and scrub for at least 20 seconds before rinsing). Be sure to rinse the skin well to remove any residual soap from the skin, which can lead to dryness. Gently pat the skin on your hands dry. Immediately apply a white, unscented moisturizer (we like Cetaphil, Eucerin, Vanicream, etc) to the hands after each time you wash your hands. This will help “seal in” the moisture from handwashing, and will prevent loss of moisture as the skin dries.

Try a non-soap cleanser

Soap contains ingredients called surfactants, which help lift dirt, viruses, bacteria, and oil from the skin. Unfortunately, soaps can remove natural oils from the skin as well leading to dryness. There are a variety of non-soap cleansers available that contain more gentle surfactants that do not overdry the skin. As long as good handwashing guidelines are followed (scrubbing for at least 20 seconds before rinsing), these cleansers are just as effective against the spread of disease and can be gentler on your hands.

Don’t Use Hand Sanitizer If You Can Wash Your Hands Instead

The active ingredient in hand sanitizer is ethyl alcohol, and in order to be effective against viruses, a hand sanitizer must contain at least 60% alcohol. While very effective, it is also very drying. To prevent over-drying of your hands, only use hand sanitizer if soap (or non-soap cleanser!) and water are not available.

Try a Night-time Hand Wrap

If your hands are showing signs of dryness or irritation, night time is a great opportunity for a little rehabilitation. Apply a thick, unscented cream generously to the skin of your hands and then cover with a pair of cotton gloves, or even a pair of socks. Wear these wraps while you sleep, and your hands will feel better moisturized in the morning.

California School Dashboard

Teachers use more than just test scores to determine how well a student is doing, because test scores alone don’t tell the whole story. And the same is true for schools – test scores are only part of a bigger picture of school success. That’s why the California School Dashboard contains a range of easy-to-use, color-coded gauges designed to give families a complete picture of a school or district. The Dashboard includes meaningful data on graduation rates, college/career readiness, attendance, English learner progress, suspensions and more. The state has created several videos – translated into Spanish – to help you learn about the Dashboard and how to use it. Find them on the California Department of Education’s YouTube channel!

The Mission of Millville Elementary School is to instill in our students an enthusiasm for learning.

To achieve this we will:

  • Provide our students with a high quality education;

  • Offer all students an introduction to the arts;

  • Foster a positive work ethic;

  • Create an environment of respect for one another, and

  • Spark an attitude of inquiry

...with the intent to guide our students to becoming productive, responsible citizens.

Our purpose is to develop students who are lifelong learners by providing quality, standards-based education through a caring staff, supportive families, and an involved community.

About Millville Elementary School

Founded in 1856, Millville Elementary School District is a firmly established and integral member of the small, rural ranching community of Millville. Located just 15 miles east of Redding, Millville School has a current enrollment of approximately 250 students, kindergarten through 8th grade. Our small school atmosphere allows us to get to know every student and to provide an education that caters to each students’ individual needs.

At Millville School, our purpose is to develop a love of learning in our students by providing a high-quality, standards-based education that is enhanced by arts, music, clubs and sports. We strive to create an educational environment that provides the basis for participation in a democratic society by promoting critical thinking, developing a sense of responsibility and self esteem, encouraging independence of opinion and action, and nurturing respect for others.

Providing a quality and comprehensive education for our students is only achievable through the efforts of our professional and caring staff, supportive families, and an involved community. It is through the combined efforts of our staff and community, on behalf of our students, that Millville School truly is “A Great Place to Learn”.