Millville School offers an alternative to traditional school in its Home School program. Home school satisfies those families who are looking to experience learning and teaching in a unique educational setting.

Millville Home School offers parents an opportunity to be their children’s ultimate teacher. We employ a home school teacher who will guide the parents-as-teachers in each curricular area. Parents and students meet with the home school teacher once a week, or, depending on need, once every other week.

  • Home school students enjoy all privileges and rights as an “in-seat” student at Millville School.
  • Home school students are welcome and encouraged to participate in sports, music, art, as well as attend school field trips and utilize the school library and computer lab.


If you have any question regarding Home School or any other aspect of Millville School, call the school office at 547-4471. To register for home school, fill out the registration material, located in the forms' page and return to Millville School.